Emaillerie Rhénane
Welcome to the website of Emaillerie Rhénane, the leading French company in enamelling.

Through these pages you will discover a material for the millennium: enamel.
This natural product, which is suited to the demands of both present and future, protects, embellishes and decorates.

Who are We?

Emaillerie Rhénane specialist
in the enamelling of items made of steel, or cast iron.

A team with skill,
a team for progress,
a team with experience.

Emaillerie Rhénane means: Women and Men at your service.  

Our activities:

> sub-contracting (or enamelling to order): 80% of turnover 
> enamelling for construction (or architecture): 10% of turnover 
> advertising
(also called information signs): 10% of turnover 
Our mission:

To develop a partnership policy with all of our customers.
To implement new techniques, a laboratory has been put in charge of carrying out all the enamelling inspections and testing.

It plays an active role in the realisation of customer projects (new products, colour research, prototype creation and definition of operational ranges).
Major investments (nearly 1,5 millions euros) have been made during the last years.


Where are we?

At INGWILLER in Alsace (FRANCE), 30 minutes away from STRASBOURG by the A4 autoroute, Saverne exit, in the direction of Bouxwiller.

Emaillerie Rhénane, route de Bouxwiller
67340 INGWILLER - France
Tel : + 33 (0)3 88 89 64 64