The material to meet any challenge:
Highly resistant to corrosion.
Quality-tested to DIN-ISO 2746 ou 8289.

No hold for graffiti.
Quality tested to DIN-ISO 2722.
Problem-free removal of graffiti.

Unaffected by temperature changes. Resists cold down to -60º C and remains distortion-free up to + 450°C.

Weather and storm resistant.
Quality tested to DIN-ISO 2722.

A perfect electrical insulating material.
Category A1 to DIN 4102.

Quality tested to DIN 51155.

Not affected by environmental attacks.
Quality tested to DIN-ISO 2742.

The indestructible combination of metal and glass:
It all starts with a mixture of natural inorganic materials from the glass family (quartz, alumina, etc.) and of fluxes (boron, soda, etc.), coloured with various metallic oxides, and melted at high temperature.

The "enamel frit" thus obtained is crushed, with or without water, to obtain slip, or powdered enamel.

Sheet metal specially designed and prepared for enamelling is coated with this mixture by various procedures (dipping, sparging, coating, pneumatic or electrostatic spraying, electrophoresis...) which are selected according to the final application.

After drying, baking in a kiln at 800°C creates an inseparable and indestructible connection between the enamel and its backing, which then forms a new and highly-resistant material.

A material which is practically "made to measure" since, by altering the composition, thousands of variants can be obtained to optimise its qualities according to the final application.